The production of aluminum profiles is carried out in extrusion lines with a wide range of products, for various sectors and usage purposes.

Electrostatic powder coating
Not only different RAL colors, but also special color profiles requested by our customers are also processed with latest technology automatic systems.
Up to 12 meter long profiles can be processed. The surface of the painted profiles is resistant to corrosion, as well as to the UV effect of sun rays.

Anodizing process is performed in a wide range of different colors and surface properties.

The molds used in profile production are produced meticulously with very precise tolerances in high-tech CNC machine tools in accordance with customer designs and needs.
Wood Veneer
Different color and patterns can be done with a special production line that can serve up to 12 mt profiles

Casting parts from 1gr to 50kg are produced for many sectors such as Automotive, Machinery, Defense industry, Aviation, Medical, Weapons and Agriculture..etc
Steel, Stainless Steel, Sphero, Aluminum and Copper Alloys are being used as casting raw materials.

Machining parts,machine parts with fine tolerances
Finished parts including painting and coating processes
Custom components, Production according to customer technical drawing
Complex and sensitive parts manufactured from plate, sheet, casting and forging forms of materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium/nickel-based super alloy (Inconel, Duplex) are processed in accordance with customer specifications.
High quantity production
Delivery with Measurement reports and Material certificates

Custom components ,production according to customer technical drawing
Mould design and production
With Progressive moulds high quantity productions
Mass production following sample approval
Delivery with Measurement reports and Material certificates