Product Details

Under Vehicle Cassette Lift

Product Groups: Step Cassette Lift

EURORA Under Vehicle Cassette Lift complies with Directive 2007/46,2001/85/EC and Regulation No.107 UN/ECE

There are both MANUAL and AUTOMATIC versions.

Modification is not needed on the vehicle shaft.

Up /down cycles  and on-off functions are automatic.

The casette lift is mounted under the  vehicle, so it does not close the entrance area.

Powerpack BUSCHER hydraulic system

Anti-slip tape on surface

In case of emergency, as a safety precaution, the up and down movement can be made manually

If there is insufficient light or during night,visibility is provided with special Yellow Led lights.

Special buzzer for audible warning

Carrying Capacity: Max. 350 Kg

Manuel Under Vehicle Cassette Lift Dimensions: 1200 x 850 x 110mm(h)

Automatic Under Vehicle  Cassette Lift Dimensions: 1040 x 1300 x 140mm(h)