Casting parts from 1gr to 50kg are produced for many sectors such as Automotive, Machinery, Defense industry, Aviation, Medical, Weapons and Agriculture..etc

Steel, Stainless Steel, Sphero, Aluminum and Copper Alloys are being used as casting raw materials.

From mold production to finished product all processes are followed with experienced team 

After casting, the final part is produced, including processes such as heat treatment, surface treatments and coating.


The casting industry produces a wide range of parts, from automotive to construction, from mining to aviation, for many sectors weighing less than 1 gram to heavier than 300 tons. Casting parts are included in many products in our daily lives like  all kinds of vehicles ,heavy industry machines, kitchen and household appliances, pipes and valves, wind turbines , tanks,furniture,lighting equipment etc.

The casting  stands out as the manufacturing method that provides the highest added value to metals.

With leading Metal Products Manufacturers from Turkey, our company offers a wide range of metal products and customized solutions for various industries. With our  experienced team, we commit to deliver the best quality products and services to our customers.