Laminated glass, concealed heated element laminated glass, bullet resistant glass, curved glass as well as flat tempered glass in global quality standarts.

Glasses for commercial vehicles

Driver window glasses

Bus door glasses

Emergency exit glasses

Agricultural vehicle cabin glasses

Tram and trains glasses

Bullet resistant glasses

Tempered Glasses, Tempered Resistance Heated Glasses, Laminated Glasses, Hidden Resistance Heated Windshields, Hidden Antenna Applied Laminated Windshields, A-Thermic Laminated Glasses, Solar Controlled Laminated Windshields


Laminated Glasses, Laminated Hidden Resistance Heated Glasses, Solar Controlled, Laminated Heat Insulated Glasses, Tempered Glasses, Tempered Heat Insulated Glasses


Automotive and rail system glasses are manufactured according to regulations and standarts.

As first step, refer to customers technical drawings and requests glasses,moulds are produced. When the first sample is received from production line, it is sent to customer for approval. After approval,  serial production starts.

Our approved manufacturers use the lates technologies.

We as EURORA prioritize customer satisfaction and provide competitive pricing and complete solution from sample orders to serial production transport and export.