Material Qualities: TS EN 10219: S235JR, S275J0, S275J2, S275MH, S355J0, S355J2, 355K2, S355MH, S420MH, S460MH

TS EN 10305-3 / 5: E155, E195, E235, E275, E355 (+CR1,+A ,+N) / E190, E220, E260, E320, E370, E420 (+CR2)

Surface Condition: S1,S2,S3 ve S4

AS / NZS 1163: C250, C250L0, C350, C350L0, C450, C450L0

ASTM A500: GrA, GrB, GrC, GrD

CE certified for TS EN 10219 and TS EN 10255+A1


Produced by hot rolling method in certain sections and dimensions.They are structural steels that are used in many areas such as construction, machinery, agriculture, energy sector, comply with international quality standards, provide ease of assembly and high strength advantages.

Turkish steel manufacturers export steel to all over the world, due to competitive prices and effective  marketing strategies. All steel companies in Turkey are privately held, and Turkish steel producers continue to  pursue  technological  developments  to  enhance  the  long-term  viability  of  the industry  in  the  global  marketplace. 

The  steel  industry  has  become  one  of  the  most developed industries in Turkey and today counts as the fourth largest contributor to the Turkish economy. 

We as Eurora offer steel profiles to our customers and provide service from sourcing to logistics.

We have long term agreements with our partner manufacturer companies in Turkey. 

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