Manual Folding Ramp

Manual Folding Ramp, complying with Directive 2001/85/EC and
Regulation No.107 UN/ECE, has been designed in order to allow the easy access of the wheelchairs to the minibus and low floor intercity/city buses with kneeling, being mounted on the vehicle floor at central door.

Easy to use

Steady structure and low weight

Quick mounting, simple adjustment and maintenance

Reliability during the utilization

Proximity sensor to detect the opened footboard state

Option : low weight ramp (20kg)

Option : handle with square key lock

Bearable weight up to 350 kg

Manuel Folding Ramps are specially manufactured for disabled in order to easily access to vehicles with the wheelchairs.

The structure and weight of the Manual Folding Ramp is very important that it can carry the disabled safely and also that it does not increase the vehicle weight.

With its handle it is opened and closed manually.

The proximity sensor prevents the vehicle from moving before the manual ramp is closed.

Our partner manufacturers in Turkey produce the Manual Folding Ramps according to regulations and standarts.

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